Establishing structure−sensitivity of ceria reducibility: real-time observations of surface−hydrogen interactions

2020-03-17 | Tomáš Duchoň

Structure−activity relationship (SAR) is at the forefront of the rational-based design of materials for chemical conversion. SAR studies are typically carried out in a bottom-up approach using model systems of reduced complexity. In our new paper, we show that using a particular sample synthesis SAR experiments can be carried out in parallel, in contrast to the current serial approach. The parallel approach allows bypassing measurement errors that prevent a straightforward comparison of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters. We demonstrate the utility through a study of the interaction of hydrogen with cerium oxide, revealing the insensitivity of the kinetics of cerium oxide reduction to the structure of the surface. The paper is featured on the cover page of the current issue of the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. JMCA cover page