Reconfigurable lateral anionic heterostructures in oxide thin films via lithographically defined topochemistry

2018-07-16 | Tomáš Duchoň

Layered heterostructures feature prominently in materials research for their unique and tunable electronic properties. Most of these have heterointerfaces arranged normal to the surface, owing to the simplicity of preparation via conventional physical and chemical deposition techniques. However, lateral heterostructures are of particular interest to various applications. In our recent Physical Review Materials paper, we present a lithographical patterning approach that allows for lateral anionic modulation of oxide films with periodicities in the micrometer range. The approach is presented on SFO films, the stoichiometry of which is periodically modulated through either oxygen vacancies or fluorine dopants to achieve anisotropic electronic transport. Furthermore, the chemical origin of the patterning allows for its conversion via reversible redox chemistry that could be realized within operating devices. lateral heterostructures