Oxygen nonstoichiometry and valence state of manganese in La1-xCaxMnO3+δ

2021-04-05 | Tomáš Duchoň

Perovskite oxides are intriguing materials that offer considerable substitutional flexibility at the cation site. We can harness the wealth of properties facilitated by the substitution in materials design, but it also presents complex, sparsely explored phase diagrams that obscure the utility. In our recent paper, we present a materials science study of ABO3-type perovskite LaMnO3 focusing on the effects of Calcium doping (x=0–0.5) at the A site and temperature on the defect chemistry pertaining to oxygen non-stoichiometry and Mn charge state. The resulting data can inform rational functionalization within the application scope of LaMnO3, spanning solid oxide fuel cells, electrolyzers, oxygen sensors, and supercapacitors. Ca-doping and heating of LaMnO3