Photoemission electron microscopy of magneto-ionic effects in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3

2020-11-04 | Tomáš Duchoň

Magneto-ionic oxides are a promising class of materials for the development of memristive devices, which are likely to play a role in the future of electronics. In our latest paper, we report on magnetic switching in a magneto-ionic oxide (LSMO) thin film realized by the application of an electric field. Using an atomic force microscope as a writing head, we demonstrate a loss of magnetic order in dependence on the amplitude of the electric field. The localized switching is visualized by photoemission electron microscopy, correlating the change to the oxidation state of manganese. The ability to control the phenomena in a granular fashion allows for fine-tuning of the electronic structure, opening a pathway towards LSMO-based magneto-ionic devices. The paper is freely available in the open-access journal APL Materials. magneto-ionic effects