Role of nitrogenated carbon in tuning Pt−CeOx based anode catalysts for higher performance of hydrogen-powered fuel cells

2020-03-24 | Tomáš Duchoň

Platinum plays an integral role in the hydrogen economy, catalyzing hydrogen oxidation reaction at the anode side of fuel cells. The high cost of platinum drives strategies for its efficient utilization, including dispersion over high-surface-area oxide materials. Our recent paper published in Applied Surface Science explores one such strategy, focusing on the improvement of Pt−CeOx catalyst supported on a gas diffusion layer (GDL). Specifically, we show that the fabrication of a nitrogenated carbon interlayer on the GDL significantly increases the porosity (surface area) of Pt−CeOx catalysts deposited onto the GDL via magnetron sputtering and improves the corrosion resistance of the system during the start-up of a fuel cell. The nitrogenation step can be incorporated into current fabrication processes in a straightforward manner. Pt-CeOx catalyst